Orthology is proud to announce that it has been recognized as “Local Distributor of the Year” by Teamviewer. This prestigious award was presented to the company during the Teamviewer EMEA Summit 2024, held in Stuttgart, in recognition of its outstanding management of products and services in the market.
This award reflects Orthology’s commitment to providing a high level of service and the successful integration of Teamviewer solutions into businesses across the region. The award also highlights Orthology’s effectiveness in supporting its customers by providing unsurpassed technical knowledge and customized solutions.
Being named Teamviewer’s “Local Distributor of the Year” is further evidence of our ability to provide innovative and reliable solutions that enhance business connectivity and productivity.
Our team would like to thank Teamviewer for
for the recognition and the award, as well as every customer and partner who trusted and supported Orthology on this journey.
This award sets a new standard in Orthology’s journey and confirms our vision of continuous growth and offering excellence in technology support and telecommuting solutions. With this award as a guide, Orthology looks forward to the future with optimism, committing to exploring new opportunities and expanding its role as a leading distributor in the EMEA region.